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My the objective of Flex and Flow yoga is to provide an opportunity for you to build on your strength and flexibility. It doesn’t matter where you start this journey as I provide a comfortable and secure environment where you can find your edge and push slightly beyond it. I promise that through bringing your body, mind and breathing together you will leave my class feeling better than when you arrived. If you are new to yoga you will see your flexibility improve within 6 weeks.

I teach Hatha and Kundalini styles of yoga as I love both.

Hatha:  Is the basis for all the others types of yoga you may of heard of,  I believe it is key for building stability, strength and flexibility.

Kundalini:  Also known as warrior yoga is a strong, vigorous practice but with a healing, restorative emphasis

Note:  I had practised  yoga for a few years but it was Kundalini that got me hooked.