About Gaynor

Women yoga “The unlikely yogini”

I’m a fairly normal type of woman in my forties and living in Milton Keynes. I have an adult son a fantastic grandson and 2 golden retrievers that drive me nuts.

So what’s so unlikely about that you might ask. Well words such as mindful and serene aren’t necessarily the first that spring to mind, or at lease not historically. I am, and have been a project management consultant for years, mainly in the City and to be honest you would have been as likely to have seen me rushing around or eating & drinking too much as you would bouncing around a gym and so on. Don’t misunderstand me, I have been no stranger to exercise and I have had some reasonable achievements over the years but good lifestyle choices weren’t necessarily my highest priority.

Over the last few years I have really developed my attitude and as a result I have made a lot of changes – one of which is my love of yoga.

I have changed my eating habits and found that all so illusive balance that everyone talks about.

I still sometimes work in the city and I still take my career very seriously but I now have an improved perspective. Its amazing how making positive life changes can affect you – when you start to give your body what it needs rather than inflicting it with your head tells you it fancies.

Its not all ‘my body is a temple’ and I still have occasional moments as my halo is only held up by my horns. I am however a massive fan of the 80/20 rule.